Selective Readings in Counseling Psychology

المؤلف Dr. tarik Algalaly | الناشر Anglo Egyptian Bookshop

سنة النشر 2023

الترقيم الدولي 9789770534502

نوع الغلاف غلاف عادي

Given the need to be selective and to provide a consistent perspective on each theme within a single work, this book provides the reader with a range of selective topics that have been collected from various sources in counseling psychology. These topics utilize general sources of material and presents brief results of contemporary research in the field of counseling psychology. Readers gain a greater understanding of each topic with critical thinking and integrative questions that allow them to connect materials to their own lives. This book is suitable for use in many graduate and post graduate courses in counseling psychology. The book included the following: 1-A comprehensive introduction to counseling psychology that motivates students to pursue the current topics in a more targeted way . 2-Selective topics covering developmental, preventive, and therapeutic goals of counseling psychology. 3-Critical thinking questions that give students the chance to be better readers in the field of counseling Psychology. 4-Training students to use the dictionary effectively to be independent learners. 5-A Summary of an applied model for the components of the counseling program. 6-A summary of a recent study exploring the levels of mental health of university students in the time of Covid -19 pandemic. 7-A brief dictionary for the most important terms included in the topics.


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