Three Men In A Boat

Author Jerome | Publisher

Publish Year 2022

Pages 232

ISBN 9788172344436

Book Cover Paperback Cover

Three hypochondriacsJ, Harris, and George. One angelic\-looking fox\-terrierMontmorency, whose idea of life is to fight with other disreputable dogs. One boat. And a two\-week jaunt up the Thames, from Kingston to Oxford. On a seemingly ordinary evening, J, Harris, and George, sitting in Js room, smoking, talking, and generally feeling seedy, decide that a boat trip up the Thames is just the thing they need to make them snap out of their troublesome state (the name of which, they just could not decide). Three Men In A Boat is the fictional account of this motley group, as they sail up and down the Thames. Its a part\-comic part\-serious travelogue thats full of anecdotes and vividly descriptive pieces on the places and the characters that the three men pass on their trip. Though they set off with much enthusiasm, the three men could have hardly predicted the troubles that would follow them on this jaunt. From tow ropes that have a mind of their own to weather that is unbelievably unreliable; from pineapple tin cans that refuse to open to the mysterious disappearance of Harris, this is classic British humour with its timelessness and endurability.


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